4-2-19: Unannounced Access Gotham Electric

The city has some sort of relationship with Gotham Electric that their inspectors come with Gotham, Gotham workers say they work for DOB…it’s odd. The Master Electrician for Gotham was licensed in 1950, but online another person claims ownership of the company. It’s odd. Whether the city is involved with this company or not, there is no excuse for unannounced access/violating tenant’s rights.

Gotham obtained permit to cure summons last year and already signed off on work (2x) in 2D but keep going back to do more work or with DOB inspectors who tell them what to do (see live video). After signing off on electric last year, they used the signed off permit and gutted walls and redid all wiring —rather than take care of violations in December. They’ve been back to fix things several times since–all without notice. Did they not install wiring correctly? Why did/do they have to come back so many times?

Today, about 2pm a worker in a Gotham shirt was standing by the door. Sure enough, the tenant said the intercom was ringing her phone around that time while she was at work. They gave her no notice at all.

Unannounced visits violate tenant’s rights.