4-4-19: No Hot Water, Work in 1C but Back Egress Safety still an issue

Today, there is no hot water and workers were banging in 1C. Only some tenants received an email last night that “routine maintenance” would be taking place less than 24 hours from that communication. There is a stop work order for plumbing in 1C (per DOB, it is due to issue with the plumber’s license). They were working in there both yesterday and today, banging this morning.

While they do this work, the padlock on the back gate is still present and the other safety issue, ladder going from the yard to the parking lot has not been moved.

Reminder: the permit for 1C says cosmetic work, install kitchen cabinets, floor over existing… The plans for 1C as drawn by the original architect show where existing kitchen and door in bedroom wall is. The new architect plans show moving the entire kitchen – plumbing gas, etc to a wall where there is none. The architect also claims there is an existing exhaust where there is none. The owners would have enforcement believe they are putting in electric stoves, but the agreement and condo plan – which requires that disclosure- state gas.

search 1C to see the repeated hazardous demolition done to this apartment