Promise (again) to Fix Scalding Water on 12-12

The landlord pretends he doesn’t know the hot water is scalding until he sees me burn my hand today.
It is an old repeated violation, when we have hot water, it’s boiling hot from faucets. The court inspector told him to fix it on November 20, we have told him too, but today he pretends he doesn’t know it’s scalding and sends a text and/or email message to all tenants saying it will be fixed and to use cold water.
The plumber was here 12-7-18. It is now 12-14 and it’s still not fixed.

just one of the recent violations for the scalding water

Below 12-12 text will be public record but may be copyright – it was sent as an email to all tenants. I do not agree to email communication so received a text.

we have, & court inspector & HPD attorney brought it to their attention 11-20-18

9-2018: False Lead Certification HPD

The landlord submitted Lead Certification for 1D and 1a in court with the HP action. Neither tenant was part of the action at the time. The Lead Certification is false. It is signed by a property manager who did not even work for the landlord/this building at the time. The lead certification for 1D is further false as it claims testing in 4 rooms, hall and bath but the apartment is only 2 rooms hallway and bath.

The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) has provided additional information about your Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) ID number FOIL-2018-806-00634.

A file in request FOIL-2018-806-00634 is available for you to view.
Link to file: 2018-806-00634-Lead.pdf
Please visit to view additional information and take any necessary action.

FOIL request arrived HPD Lead Paint False certification & Floor

Sadly, while the city seems concerned with lead paint, landlords are able to swear correction without actual. Read the FOIL certification below.

A FOIL request for the landlord certification of lead remediation showed a company claimed to have tested all over my apartment and another.  The documents contain false information see next post.

The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) has responded to my Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) ID number   FOIL-2018-806-00634 is available  to view in Open Records.