Lease tricks

Today, two of us received communication falsely stating that we did not submit a signed copy of our lease renewals. We had both already received it back with the landlords usual scribbled signature. My security deposit check, submitted with my signed lease copy had been cashed in January.

What trick could this be? They consistently use certified letters, whether actually mailed or not, as verifiable evidence. The sad truth is that city/state agencies accept just a copy of a letter and (even unstamped) certified mail receipts and landlord’s word as proof of whatever they claim. Tenants factual evidence and testimony is always disregarded. Hmmm….Do I wait to see how they use this certified letter, or ….??

Perpetually Repaired Bedroom Radiator

The bedroom radiator in 1B has been worked on repeatedly without a permanent fix. The water that leaks from it has a foul odor and is extremely hot. The landlord has refused to replace the radiator, opting to paint it instead … something that he clearly did not due during the court ordered round of apartment repairs in August of 2018. This has lead to the tiles on the floor (which should have been wood flooring vis-à-vis HPD.

The leaking radiator issue is compounded by the unexpected clanging of the pipes when tenants receive heat in the building. The noise is deafening and wakes one up in the middle of night unexpectedly or when daily activities are being performed, hampering tenants quality of life.

Garbage Building Alleyway

The issue of trash, pigeon droppings, construction debris, concrete, etc. has been an ongoing issue for years for tenants. The concrete covering the alleyway comes from work being performed on the roof that tenants were not made aware of. This caused the damage of property to many tenants, from broken air conditioners to windows gunked and covered with concrete. These issues still remain.

For those living on the lower levels, especially the 1st floor, the smell in the summer and even the winter months is unbearable, not allowing for fresh air circulate in the apartments. Making the matter worse, the smell from the pigeon droppings is bolstered by the noise of the pigeons. This noise can last for hours on end and disrupt sleeping patterns.

Basement Construction Shaking Apartment

On November 29, 2019, construction work was taking place in the basement. The noise was unnerving and lasted for hours, well into the evening. The noise was so loud that it shook the walls and floors, rattling everything in the apartment from the bed to the stove in the kitchen.

Apartment/Stove Shaking from Construction Work in Basement

3-5-2019 Access 1b, 1d, 3d

After the landlord told us everything had to go through the attorney, his attorney sent us letters for access. 1D, 1B today, 9am-5pm. 3D and 3D tomorrow, 3-6-19. Of course they wnaed unannounced access to 3D today too and it was granted. The original letters called for access for window repair, however, windows were repaired already. The next letter had no scope of work defined. Tenants prepared for the floor, clearing living /kitchen areas. 1D also cleared bathroom near door. The floors would not be done.

1B – access (more of all on youtube)


3-5-2019 1B Access

Repairs were to be conducted in 1B on March 5th, 2019, date agreed upon for access between tenant/landlord. The landlord refused to tell the tenant what needed to be cleared even though the tenant had asked the landlord directly on numerous occasions and several forms of communications. These actions by the landlord went against the court ordered stip., which were supposed to let the tenant know the scope of work, company performing the work; letting them know for five day window of verification.

Work was performed in the hall closet. It was painted and vinyl tiles were placed. The closet flooring had been stripped in August 2018 by the landlord and left un-repaired.

While work was being performed in the apartment, the landlord, entered, checked the stove from his notes, remarked to the worker that it was functional then left — all these actions were in the presence of the tenants of 1B. The landlord later claimed, mislead and harassed, the tenant on March 8th, 2019, that he could not gain access to the apartment in an email.

Note, the stove in apartment 1B was not functioning properly, or at all, for nearly a year, which the LL was aware of and noted by a stand-in property manager that it was non-functional on 12-7-2019. The stove was repaired on 12-10-2018, court ordered.

1B, 3-5-2019 (Access Date) Worker Being Done Inside Hall Closet
1B Emails Between Tenant/Landlord [LL’s Lawyer (K)]
1B Stove Invoice, 12/10/2018

2-27-19 Violation of Stip (& ethics): Access Letters to Represented Tenants?

The landlords (also licensed attorneys) are supposed to only contact represented tenants through their attorney. The court stipulations clearly stated (represented) tenants are to arrange access through attorney, and they did.

These landlords conflate issues, including with three different attorneys. Just today, on tape, the landlord said more than 10 times to, “call the attorney, the attorney represents tenants for all issues, regardless of agency, everything has to go through attorney.” One example is below.

Yet, also today, another of their lawyers sent tenants letters direct for access, they included wrong rooms, some were for work already done and one day of access, 1B, 1D received letters for March 5, 2D, 3D received letters for March 6. Tenants honored the dates…and more.

“you have Edwin to Represent you…
this will be public record/court. 1d only has no small bedroom, windows were fixed early in 2018 and to work, 12-7-18
regardless of issue