5-25 to 5-29-2019 Demo & Moving Plumbing & Gas Lines 1C

Have been busy, need to do add a lot of new incidents to this blog but will start with the past few days.
The owners have sent workers back to 1C. Since last week, they’ve demolished the bathroom and wall in between 1C and 1D– again. Every word said next door can be heard (not understood, as this company Euro Ti seems to only hire men from Maldovia). Euro TI is a non-registered contractor, they don’t hire licensed workers. These are workers who didn’t plaster and paint properly so had to redo the kitchen ceiling leak paint 3 (out of more) times to conceal the leak stain in 1d –they also wanted to break an outside wall to make the sink fit!

The noise from construction is incredible, but worrisome is the shaking. the floors and walls are shaking. They are in the basement breaking open the ceiling – to “bring pipes up”. The permit says they will use existing roughing but the plans show moving the entire kitchen area, which means moving all gas and plumbing lines. The owners tried to tell DHCR it will be an electric stove, but the agreement they provided tenants and the sworn offering plan admits it’s gas. Therefore all new gas lines will need to be placed where there are none. Without a proper permit there will be no oversight.

On Friday, May 25, I was startled with a very loud noise sounded like a jackhammer – and yelled as stuff fell off of my wall & shelf. They must have heard me next door. A worker knocked on my door and admits they are making a hole to bring up pipes and tenants in the C line had no water – without notice:

4-4-19: No Hot Water, Work in 1C but Back Egress Safety still an issue

Today, there is no hot water and workers were banging in 1C. Only some tenants received an email last night that “routine maintenance” would be taking place less than 24 hours from that communication. There is a stop work order for plumbing in 1C (per DOB, it is due to issue with the plumber’s license). They were working in there both yesterday and today, banging this morning.

While they do this work, the padlock on the back gate is still present and the other safety issue, ladder going from the yard to the parking lot has not been moved.

Reminder: the permit for 1C says cosmetic work, install kitchen cabinets, floor over existing… The plans for 1C as drawn by the original architect show where existing kitchen and door in bedroom wall is. The new architect plans show moving the entire kitchen – plumbing gas, etc to a wall where there is none. The architect also claims there is an existing exhaust where there is none. The owners would have enforcement believe they are putting in electric stoves, but the agreement and condo plan – which requires that disclosure- state gas.

search 1C to see the repeated hazardous demolition done to this apartment

3-1-19 Wood still taking space apartment 1D & Floor 1C (not to permit but level)

The landlord still hadn’t sent anyone to remove the flooring from my apartment. It is taking up a lot of space in my tiny apartment. Today, the super and a tenant put it in 1C. The floor in 1C was seen by the Home Depot worker who said that would work in my apartment. This is the wood boxes in 1D and the leveled floor in 1C – of course, the permit for 1C says flooring over existing but whatever…

1-28-19 Using whose Electric?

The owners admitted allowing a worker to stay in hazardous 1C last year (they had vacant finished apartments). Last year was the fiasco with my electric bills doubling while my lifestyle/appliance use remained the same. Just received this notice from Con Ed…seems I’ve used 73% less electric this year…hmmmm.

They still do not own the electric bill in 1C, I wonder how they are sawing, doing work there with no electric this year.