Garbage Building Alleyway

The issue of trash, pigeon droppings, construction debris, concrete, etc. has been an ongoing issue for years for tenants. The concrete covering the alleyway comes from work being performed on the roof that tenants were not made aware of. This caused the damage of property to many tenants, from broken air conditioners to windows gunked and covered with concrete. These issues still remain.

For those living on the lower levels, especially the 1st floor, the smell in the summer and even the winter months is unbearable, not allowing for fresh air circulate in the apartments. Making the matter worse, the smell from the pigeon droppings is bolstered by the noise of the pigeons. This noise can last for hours on end and disrupt sleeping patterns.

4-9-19: Unannounced access 2b 2d

Since going in 2D without appointment was noted, they have taken to ringing other doorbells. Today, they rant 2b saying it was an inspector. It’s the electrical company trying to get into 2D. Note that they signed off as work complete in September then completely rewired the apartments (with permit only to cure violation of exposed wiring and unlicensed work) in December 2018. The work was still not complete and Gotham Electric has been back many times including with DOB inspectors telling them what to fix. 2D provided access monthly, sometimes weekly. This is harassment.

4-2-19: Unannounced Access Gotham Electric

The city has some sort of relationship with Gotham Electric that their inspectors come with Gotham, Gotham workers say they work for DOB…it’s odd. The Master Electrician for Gotham was licensed in 1950, but online another person claims ownership of the company. It’s odd. Whether the city is involved with this company or not, there is no excuse for unannounced access/violating tenant’s rights.

Gotham obtained permit to cure summons last year and already signed off on work (2x) in 2D but keep going back to do more work or with DOB inspectors who tell them what to do (see live video). After signing off on electric last year, they used the signed off permit and gutted walls and redid all wiring —rather than take care of violations in December. They’ve been back to fix things several times since–all without notice. Did they not install wiring correctly? Why did/do they have to come back so many times?

Today, about 2pm a worker in a Gotham shirt was standing by the door. Sure enough, the tenant said the intercom was ringing her phone around that time while she was at work. They gave her no notice at all.

Unannounced visits violate tenant’s rights.

3-24-19: 2D Unfinished bathroom & closet

After all of the access (and more) on this blog, this tenant and her son still have unfinished work! The landlord keeps sending workers in -without notice- to do electrical work, change outlets… which the tenant isn’t even aware is necessary. Not one of those times did any worker address visible issues i.e. part of the bathroom wall is still unfinished. They fixed the closet door knob to the correct type, but to make it align with the latch, took the hinge off and the closet door is now not attached. They didn’t finish the plaster wall in the hall, you can see the plaster marks. Where the vinyl tiles were broken, they put some tiles on that do not match. (note, one of the rooms was wood and was supposed to be replaced with wood)

3-22-19 Unannounced Demand for Access 2D-electrical

No notice was sent. They got in last week without notice to do electrical. The landlord knows the tenant is not home. Her son’s dad is there and to take their child to school. Around 8am when he was doing that, they tried to get in to the apartment without notice, claiming it was to do more electrical. They’ve been doing various work to her electrical since leak blew out some last February!! This is harassment.

2nd Floor Slope & Broken Tile 2d 2c

The second floor tile in front of 2D and 2C door was missing broken for years. The HP Action and DHCR building-wide reduction finally forced it to be fixed at the end of November. The tenants egress was blocked without notice as they did demolition, cement and tile work. It is a shoddy job with gaps…the violation for slope is still not fixed.

3-13-19 Unnnounced access Electrical Work 2D w DOB

Nice of DOB to come in with the Gotham electrician, unannounced, demand access to 2D. Her and her child have been without all working outlets, or with exposed wiring since March 2018! IN December they broke open all of her walls, ceilings to do rewire everything. The tenants weren’t home. Another tenant here, and her child’s father changed plans/shared time to provide unannounced access for DOB & the Electrician from Gotham. They are just finishing electric now, though the work was certified complete already! The DOB inspector asked what had been done (they broke open walls ceilings several times – see below). Then he told the worker what to do. The electrician stayed and did the work.
Live streamed some of it so there is no denying what happened…

more videos available… below are photos of the electrical work they started in December, dated 12-18-18

2-27-19 Violation of Stip (& ethics): Access Letters to Represented Tenants?

The landlords (also licensed attorneys) are supposed to only contact represented tenants through their attorney. The court stipulations clearly stated (represented) tenants are to arrange access through attorney, and they did.

These landlords conflate issues, including with three different attorneys. Just today, on tape, the landlord said more than 10 times to, “call the attorney, the attorney represents tenants for all issues, regardless of agency, everything has to go through attorney.” One example is below.

Yet, also today, another of their lawyers sent tenants letters direct for access, they included wrong rooms, some were for work already done and one day of access, 1B, 1D received letters for March 5, 2D, 3D received letters for March 6. Tenants honored the dates…and more.

“you have Edwin to Represent you…
this will be public record/court. 1d only has no small bedroom, windows were fixed early in 2018 and to work, 12-7-18
regardless of issue