Promise (again) to Fix Scalding Water on 12-12

The landlord pretends he doesn’t know the hot water is scalding until he sees me burn my hand today.
It is an old repeated violation, when we have hot water, it’s boiling hot from faucets. The court inspector told him to fix it on November 20, we have told him too, but today he pretends he doesn’t know it’s scalding and sends a text and/or email message to all tenants saying it will be fixed and to use cold water.
The plumber was here 12-7-18. It is now 12-14 and it’s still not fixed.

just one of the recent violations for the scalding water

Below 12-12 text will be public record but may be copyright – it was sent as an email to all tenants. I do not agree to email communication so received a text.

we have, & court inspector & HPD attorney brought it to their attention 11-20-18

11-16-18: LL claims Attorney General needs Access

The landlord gave less than 24 hours notice, and told the tenants attorney they needed access to tenant’s apartments for the Attorney General, to update engineering report read it here. The property manager also did not deny it was the AG coming:

Tenants believed it was another AG inspection and made themselves available. When they arrived, I still did not realize their purpose. It turned out the landlord misrepresented the facts to gain access for his own engineer inspection.

After people rearranged schedules, these “inspectors” went to a renovated apartment with the property manager. The attorney had said to deny access because he hadn’t heard back from the AG. The tenants were home though and the engineering company nor property manager did not even try to knock on their doors. The property manager didn’t even get the name of the company correct…

I had provided a week of access so let them see 1d -bathroom, and they took photographs.

Seems, since the original Engineer admitted his report was not accurate… the landlord is getting a chance to resubmit a new report by another engineering company.

9-6-18, 9-10-18 & 9-12-18: HPD Inspections …Violations?

HPD was here on September 6, 2018. No complaints, said it was just a “routine” inspection of all apartments. Many tenants weren’t in. Work was being done. When the inspector made it upstairs and insisted on going into a tenants apartment (who didn’t complain, not part of HP action either) he had a streak of white paint down his back! No signs, no wet paint or any other warnings happen here! Of course, the tenant had leaks and issues. The violations showed up online as a different apartment!  That tenant wasn’t home but actually has the same issues (and more)!

Today, September 10, 2018, an inspector came back. He called himself Victor, but that isn’t what his badge said. No new complaints were made. Some tenants are in the middle of an HP action, but he knew nothing of it. He claimed to be here for all apartments to check for leaks and mold. He didn’t check the leaking skylight.

He  failed to write up leaks / stains he absolutely saw….

Same inspector came back again September 12, 2018. Many tenants weren’t home.

Interesting to note  the violations for the apartment actually inspected 9/6  appeared online today.

1-10-19 Major Leak caused by unlicensed worker. Live streamed

A worker said that another worker put a valve on wrong in an empty apartment upstairs. The landlord claimed via text, “boiler overfilled with water this am and cause many radiators to overfill with water. We had to shut down until mechanic arrives.”

We had no heat or hot water while it was worked on. Many tenants had to provide last minute emergency access and had belongings ruined because of this. They should use licensed workers who know what they are doing… The leak also came through to the vestibule. This is only egress

Note: The boiler worker came to fix it, but the landlord chose not to fix the scalding water issue or lack of pressure issues this day, while he was here, and would make us suffer with those issues longer!