6-11-2019 4D going back!

After writing in details of 4D in my court affidavit and an email to the AG, the landlord is finally allowing 4D back in his rent control apartment. After summons, stop work orders, work without permit, it was finally finished long ago. The workers, and other all said he wasn’t getting back in. I knew if it was brought up in court filings and / or AG got involved they would have to let him back in, so they can appear as if they are doing the right thing! Now, they will try to use that in their favor…we’re ready!

3-8-19 DOB Inspectors w Property Manager

The property manager is not supposed to be overseeing work in the building per court stip. He was seen leaving in the morning, then coming back with DOB inspectors. They went up to 4D (though a look online sees the mysterious complaint was for 1C) and came down still advising the property manager. They left together than the property manager came back in.
The top video was live streamed so there can be no denying the date or occurrence …

jr and dob

1-25-19 Stop Work Order 4d Plumbing

The elderly man whose apartment was demolished around him (see 11-16) then relocated in December was promised he’d be back in his unit in weeks. Instead, they’ve bee taking their time and doing the work without a permit. In December they received summons for having done the new bathroom without a permit. Now, they got a stop work order for working on his apartment.

The Work Goes On…4d

The tenants next door, above and below are living with noise, dust and debris as the work in #4D continues. See October and November posts to learn of the elderly man whose apartment was being demolished around him. In October, DOB ignored the demolition, open pipes, electric, walls, floors . In fact, DOB came the same day a check was done (it’s on tape) and they saw the demo. Around December 5, the DOB inspector who was part of the Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force saw the newly completed, renovated plumbing and bathroom and wrote a summons for work without a permit.

Summons do not deter this landlord. In December, they allowed the elderly man to temporarily relocate/ move into a vacant apartment.

As of today, they are doing a complete gut renovation of 4D without a permit, working on Sundays, demolishing floors, walls, etc. even using steel beam/reinforcing of ceiling.

Bringing Steel Beams to 4D Sunday Dec 30, 2018
Explaining they are doing all floors, right now 4D

12-30-18: Sunday Work: Steel Beams Work 4D

There is no permit for any work at this time. They received summons for complete bathroom renovation/plumbing without permit about Dec. 5. Today is Sunday, they are bringing steel beams up from where they were stored in 1C to work in 4D. About the glass breaking and loud crash, he tells this tenant he doesn’t know what happened and tells another a hammer fell out of the window (see next post)

12-30-18 Sunday Work=Crash!

Sunday is a day of rest … unless you live here!

It was around 7:30am when very loud crashes and glass breaking startled me awake. I immediately looked out the window to see glass all over the fire escape, and a piece of the fire escape ladder below. The attorney was not in, we can not call 311, so I sent a text to the owner, thinking it may be vandals. I then reached the Super who informed me the workers are working in 4D (today is Sunday). Other tenants woken by the crashing sounds also reached out. I then saw one of the workers who lied and said he heard nothing. The same worker told another tenant they dropped a hammer (there is no hammer in the backyard). We still have no idea how or from where the fire escape drop-ladder fell or the glass broke.

The worker was carrying steel reinforcement beams and said he was working in 4D. At this time, there is no permit for total renovation of 4D…read the next post.

Promise (again) to Fix Scalding Water on 12-12

The landlord pretends he doesn’t know the hot water is scalding until he sees me burn my hand today.
It is an old repeated violation, when we have hot water, it’s boiling hot from faucets. The court inspector told him to fix it on November 20, we have told him too, but today he pretends he doesn’t know it’s scalding and sends a text and/or email message to all tenants saying it will be fixed and to use cold water.
The plumber was here 12-7-18. It is now 12-14 and it’s still not fixed.

just one of the recent violations for the scalding water

Below 12-12 text will be public record but may be copyright – it was sent as an email to all tenants. I do not agree to email communication so received a text.

we have, & court inspector & HPD attorney brought it to their attention 11-20-18