2-2-2020 Pigeon Alley

Haven’t had time to update in a while…. not much has changed.

Here is today’s view of the alley also known in the condo plan as the “courtyard”! Pigeons still call this home, their feces and garbage line the sides of the building and floor – and the bricks are still missing and need pointing. Of course, the landlords claim these issues were abated. They wait until the plan is passed to pass on all repair costs to unsuspecting buyers.

Perpetually Repaired Bedroom Radiator

The bedroom radiator in 1B has been worked on repeatedly without a permanent fix. The water that leaks from it has a foul odor and is extremely hot. The landlord has refused to replace the radiator, opting to paint it instead … something that he clearly did not due during the court ordered round of apartment repairs in August of 2018. This has lead to the tiles on the floor (which should have been wood flooring vis-à-vis HPD.

The leaking radiator issue is compounded by the unexpected clanging of the pipes when tenants receive heat in the building. The noise is deafening and wakes one up in the middle of night unexpectedly or when daily activities are being performed, hampering tenants quality of life.

Heat Causing Clanging Pipes

When tenants receive heat, the pipes throughout the building clatter and bang loud enough that it is heard throughout the building’s hallways from inside other tenant apartments. This has made it impossible to sleep, the noise wakes one up. This has severely caused a disruption to tenants lives. This audio was taken at 4 in the morning, disrupting sleep.

Water Hammer Winter 19-20

Since we are still in court, the landlords have to provide heat this winter. So when prepping the boiler for the winter, there was a lot of unusual construction downstairs (videos and more coming soon) . Somehow they created water hammer. The heat is so incredibly loud this year, the banging shakes the floors, interrupts conversations even into the hallway. This goes on at odd hours during the night waking tenants. The banging continues for a while. One tenant had his radiator bled, the “p;umber” said it was from the basement/boiler. The bled radiator filled with water within two hours.

It is hard to capture the initial banging as we never know when the heat will come on, but here is an example of the “radiator symphony”!:

Unexpected & Dangerous Actions by Workers

Workers are constantly committing unsafe conditions for tenants, from ladders, spilled liquids, tools, machines, etc. littering the building hallways to these materials blocking access to enter the building. Recently the workers flippant actions has lead to a truck being parked in front of the building to make it easier for workers to haul dressings such as cabinets, sinks, etc. into apartment #1C. This is a clear blocking of easement but also an extreme safety concern. One misstep with driving, exiting the vehicle and the scaffolding could have fallen, severely injuring passersby and tenants. Making matters even worse is the glaringly obvious fact of a church being within a few feet of building in both directions and also a daycare.

Garbage Building Alleyway

The issue of trash, pigeon droppings, construction debris, concrete, etc. has been an ongoing issue for years for tenants. The concrete covering the alleyway comes from work being performed on the roof that tenants were not made aware of. This caused the damage of property to many tenants, from broken air conditioners to windows gunked and covered with concrete. These issues still remain.

For those living on the lower levels, especially the 1st floor, the smell in the summer and even the winter months is unbearable, not allowing for fresh air circulate in the apartments. Making the matter worse, the smell from the pigeon droppings is bolstered by the noise of the pigeons. This noise can last for hours on end and disrupt sleeping patterns.

Dangerous & Unsafe Backyard Conditions

There is no secure and safe way for tenants to evacuate the building in case of fire or other life threatening hazard. The back yard gate has been chained and padlocked for over a year, adding to an already dangerous situation. The amount of garbage, including broken glass, bricks, and a ladder propped up against a gate that can be easily climbed, allowing those that may commit unwanted and unsafe acts on tenants/property has been a constant concern that has been brought up to the landlord’s attention without any resolution of acknowledgement. This raises a red-flag, with the landlord fully aware that the disabled, seniors and children are present in the building.

Fire Escape Ladder Constantly Lowered to Street Level, Safety Concern

The scaffolding has in front of our building appears to be a permanent fixture set up over a year ago. It has attracted homeless, drug dealers and other unwanted occurrences literally to tenants of the building’s doorstep.

The fire escape ladder being constantly lowered has only compounded the issue. It has lead to many concerns from tenants fearing break-ins to their apartments to fires. The picture below on the left actually shows a strange man coming down the fire escape ladder August 15, 2020. The picture in the middle, taken January 2, 2020, shows once again it being lowered. The last picture on right taken January 9th 2020, solidifies pattern of its frequent occurrence.

Construction Debris, Dust and Dirt throughout Building.

As tenants, it has been a well established norm for years that construction work has lowered our quality of life greatly. The constant noise, blocking of egress and work being performed at odd hours well into evening is not something tenants should be harassed by nor live with.

The picture, showing the shared space between apartments 1D & 1C, depicts the amount of dust that can occur in just a few hours in the building while workers worked in 1C without posting work permits.