4-9-19: Unannounced access 2b 2d

Since going in 2D without appointment was noted, they have taken to ringing other doorbells. Today, they rant 2b saying it was an inspector. It’s the electrical company trying to get into 2D. Note that they signed off as work complete in September then completely rewired the apartments (with permit only to cure violation of exposed wiring and unlicensed work) in December 2018. The work was still not complete and Gotham Electric has been back many times including with DOB inspectors telling them what to fix. 2D provided access monthly, sometimes weekly. This is harassment.

3-21-19: Roof/Skylight Leak

The leaking roof/skylight is still an issue. March 21,2019, is the latest date with rain causing water to pool on the 1st floor, rear of the building, under the alcove. It is a longstanding issue the landlords are aware of. It is a safety hazard for tenants, especially the seniors within the building.

3-13-19 Unnnounced access Electrical Work 2D w DOB

Nice of DOB to come in with the Gotham electrician, unannounced, demand access to 2D. Her and her child have been without all working outlets, or with exposed wiring since March 2018! IN December they broke open all of her walls, ceilings to do rewire everything. The tenants weren’t home. Another tenant here, and her child’s father changed plans/shared time to provide unannounced access for DOB & the Electrician from Gotham. They are just finishing electric now, though the work was certified complete already! The DOB inspector asked what had been done (they broke open walls ceilings several times – see below). Then he told the worker what to do. The electrician stayed and did the work.
Live streamed some of it so there is no denying what happened…

more videos available… below are photos of the electrical work they started in December, dated 12-18-18

3-8-19 DOB Inspectors w Property Manager

The property manager is not supposed to be overseeing work in the building per court stip. He was seen leaving in the morning, then coming back with DOB inspectors. They went up to 4D (though a look online sees the mysterious complaint was for 1C) and came down still advising the property manager. They left together than the property manager came back in.
The top video was live streamed so there can be no denying the date or occurrence …

jr and dob

1-25-19 Stop Work Order 4d Plumbing

The elderly man whose apartment was demolished around him (see 11-16) then relocated in December was promised he’d be back in his unit in weeks. Instead, they’ve bee taking their time and doing the work without a permit. In December they received summons for having done the new bathroom without a permit. Now, they got a stop work order for working on his apartment.