4-7 to 4-9-18: Working on & materials for Roof – Call to BM

April 7, 2018 – Saturday, workers came to bring more materials to work on the roof and basement. They brought a lot of materials up to the roof and scaffolding, also placed hoists(?), metal braces off side of building

They blocked egress with materials on the steps and in hallways on the way up to the roof …tenants did call 311.

They are working against a Full Stop Work Order.

3-27-18: DOB BM Inspection, Access 2D Electrical work -A3 -Full Stop Work Order Served & 1C Access

The tenant and son in 2D went without electric in kitchen area, no stove, no electric in bathroom, and also had no light in bathroom since the leak. She was told that an electrician was coming the next day and that they were just going to finish her kitchen today. The worker said they were going to fix the light in the bathroom so she reminded them that there was a stop work order and another guy was supposed to come tomorrow. This tenant has a child, licensed electrical work would ensure safety.

DOB Inspector from the Building Marshal Unit came back to the building today. I ran into him coming in. He watched as a worker carried a light upstairs. He went up to #2D and caught workers putting up the light. They had already put in an exhaust fan and outlet that morning.

 Also see photos below

1C is extremely hazardous, showed him photographs and told him that needs to be made safe, it’s well beyond the scope of the permits and hazardous. The property manager has the key. He claimed that none of the workers would provide the property manager’s phone number.

I called the property manager from my phone so they could talk on speaker. The property manager lied to the inspector and said he did not know they were doing electric (the pictures and tape shows him telling workers what to do and watching them put the exhaust fan in). He said he couldn’t get to the building with the key to 1C until 4:30pm. The inspector said he couldn’t wait. The property manager then promised the inspector access to apartment 1C the next day and told him to get off speaker phone. The inspector said he would call him back from the car and hung up my phone.

Later, that afternoon the inspector called to say that because they violated the partial stop work order, he was placing a FULL STOP WORK ORDER  on the building and that means no construction at all is to take place. I should call if I see anything.

2D kitchen Before cabinets 3/11-3/12 but wires were left exposed-

Property Manager walking in on the tape he is telling workers what to do and watching them install exhaust fan


dob full stopwork order
Full Stop Work Order Served March 28
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UPDATE: March 28 – the Full Stop Work Order Served disposition is on the website. March 29, it changes to H3 – violation issued. After that, inspectors tell us there was never a full stop work order, the inspector was mistaken. UPDATE: this information changed again.

3-14-18- DOB Building Marshal Inspection – 2D unlicensed electric, fail to maintain, tenant harassment, false info, Summons & SWO

The local op had sent me notice this week that they passed the complaint regarding —- to DOB at 77 Maiden. (I did resend update to higher within op +)

I assume,  in response to that referral the Building Marshal Department came to the building today. Unfortunately, I did not see him.

He did go to apartment 2D, where the tenant and her son had been without all electric since a leak down the wall in 2D and 1D took out her electric in kitchen and bathroom on February 15-16.

He caught unlicensed workers performing electrical work in apartment 2D. Another tenant in 4B had asked him to come to his apartment but the inspector did not.

When he left he posted a partial stop work order on the door and left behind three summons.

Summons 35306277M Performed unlicensed electrical work. Noted: electrician unlicensed stated he was hired to perform electrical work in unit 2D, to install and remove outlets  first to remove outlets at kitchen and to install outlets at kitchen and stove wall. 66 West 138 LLC or worker Mr. Paulino
Jesus did not hold Licensed, electrician license. At the time of inspection BX lines were installed.

Summons 35306276K Filed a certificate/form application etc. containing a material false statement(s). Noted at time of inspection and under
application #122963935 put in section #22, there is a check mark “no”  for occupied housing will remain occupied during construction. At time of
inspection multiple units are occupied and rent stabilized.

Summons 35306278Y Failure to Maintain Building in Code Complaint
manner. Noted defective tiles bathroom fixtures, floors, at Unit 2D, at
time of inspection. Failure to maintain at unit 2D, including hot/cold water controls

The tenants apartment / electric being done in kitchen