5-4-18: DOB “Inspection” 4+ hours for Nothing

Today,  Inspector Joseph… 2694 from the Building Marshal Unit showed up a little after 8am

[also see tape in box]

The inspector admits he came to get access to 1C but was here for more than four hours, did not try to get access, later wrote, no construction seen.

During his time here – which I did not personally tape, he sat and chatted with us – looked at the photographs and live video of 1C and proclaimed it a fire hazard, no fire stopping and electrical hanging. He also told of us of a new electrical permit for 2D and about getting access warrants.

At 9:30am, when the property manager arrived, the inspector claimed he could not wait for 1 1/2 hour for him to get the key for access. (It was evident Inspector Ramsumair had not contacted management after our conversation.) They chatted for a while, first heated, then friendly.

The property manager left after bringing a “plumber” upstairs. The inspector did not request the plumbers credentials. He did knock on #2D door (electrical SWO). He asked her if they were working in there, she said, “no” (not today), he did not go in. The inspector then came right back down.

After he told the property manager -at 9:30am- that he could not wait 1 1/2 hours for the key, at 11:24am, I left the building and the inspector was still in his car, then got out and took a photograph of the door with no permits.

Part 1: The first approx. 1 hour and forty-two minutes of Inspectors visit for access from a little after 8am

About 3 minutes in the Inspector comes back in the building. This is part of the next 56 minutes – waiting for him to come back in – (then saw him still in his car out front at 11:24am)

Instead of garnering access, the inspector wrote this disposition:

Inspector did not gain access which he was here for, then wrote this disposition Copyright NYC DOB/ NYC is a copyright and trademark of the City of New York

wrote up summary of visit