6-1-18: 1C New unlicensed Contractor / Men Sneak In Building & Cops

DOB, New Contractor, 1c, unidentified men and police.

June 1, 2018 police saw 1C condition

This afternoon, around 3:30pm, someone was in 1C. We learned the super had opened the door for a lady who claimed to be the new contractor/architect – however, it is not the company listed on the DOB permit. She clearly says the company is IPrime, and her name, Adriana. She claimed she will do construction safely and does inspections all of the time as she misrepresented the scope of the permits. However, she is already disregarding safety. (see below Adriana sent unlicensed, unprofessional workers after 5pm to “cover-up this for me” “cover one floor”)

I left a message on the machine of Inspector S.R. to provide him that information and the new company name and Adriana’s phone number, as she now claims she is the only person with the key. Later, we found out that is also not true, the super had the key too-.

Adrian & the Super
The Super has the key to 1C

The actual condition of 1C hasn’t changed, though when police opened the door, one could see more of the tenant upstairs plumbing!This is today, June 1, 2018 after Adriana was here and claimed to see a ceiling —


Three guys came into the building around 5pm and sneak in 1C. We could hear them inside, and asked who was in there. They locked the door and wouldn’t answer who they were. I tried to call Adriana,  to see if they were workers, supposed to be here, if they worked for her or were squatters — people used to sleep in there and under the steps, no security in building. Her mailbox was full.

A group of scared tenants kept asking who they were. They refused to answer the question,  or say why they were here, and said to call the police, so tenants did (not me). The police came and then we could all hear loud banging in 1c, then realized it was work going on. The guys wouldn’t open the door for police either.  Finally, the police got in and called/spoke to Adriana, who was not very cooperative with them, “you’re making this more difficult than it has to be…”

Later they told tenants, “…they’re doing things under the radar… doesn’t have permits…She didn’t want to provide” information …”
One guy who we learned was a worker, claimed to work for Adriana and the other two guys work for him. He also admitted,  “…they  told me, ‘oh you gotta go and cover this for me please.'”

The police, not DOB, also told the men to call Adriana and make her put up signs so tenants know what is going on. All could have been prevented if they had simply said who they were or that they were here to work. (It would help if the owners didn’t hire “workers” who sneak in after hours, aren’t afraid to give their names and say what they are doing /who they are there for, and open the door for police…while inside a residential building.)

The Police got stuck inside the apartment, claimed the latch / lock sticks, another hazard . The “workers” gave the key back to the SUPER when they left.

Until they finish covering up what they need to hide from inspection, it’s obviously back to the usual construction tactics here, nighttime, weekend work, dust clouds, noise, dangerous construction done by unlicensed, who knows if they’re qualified, workers — tenant harassment with lack of enforcement…

We wonder if DOB had the “big meeting” of all department heads to discuss #1C. Between the new electrical permits for the gutted apartments, then the Engineer yesterday and Adriana and the evening workers today, they seem in a rush  to cover something all of a sudden. The apartment has been warehoused since May 2017 and Department of Buildings has been avoided access since at least October 2017.

Video: June 1, 2018 compilation of events…after many, who are you? what are you doing here?’ …the man inside the apartment told tenants to call the police …

Homeless people were sleeping in there. So, a tenant did, the man admitted he is  a worker and the other two men work for him, and said, Adriana sent me here to “cover something (one floor)”, to Police, “she’s trying to do it under the radar…”

Adriana’s “worker” – the other two worked for him

I see steel, no floor, no ceiling, exposed wiring…
Would be hard to deny condition now…
-took a while before they would open the door…

Police admit they are doing work under the radar:

more videos, audio available ….

4-12-18: DOB BM Inspector & HPD Inspector Here no janitor & Intercom still not working

Today, DOB Building Marshal inspector came to the building. Then an HPD inspector came to building and I learned the intercom had been out /not working  for a while.

DOB Building Marshal Unit Inspector Shiva Ramsumair 2715 came to building to inspect today. During this visit, he admitted seeing construction materials in basement (also saw the broken basement steps, the holes in basement fire/sidewalk doors), took photo of 1c crack in door (can see gutted bathroom), did look at live video of hazardous condition of 1C  through scope camera, and he went to the roof.

At first he claimed the old architect is dead. Later, he claimed he had an appointment for access with the old contractor…the claim – on tape- made no sense to us…

He clearly said there are no permits on the door, but did not write that up. There is no record on DOB website of his visit this day.

Part 1: Video of greeting inspector at door, he displays his badge and identifies himself, goes into basement-see holes in door/broken steps

Part 1B: Audio of rest of inspection, begins after Part 1-greeting at door. Fast Forward the first few minutes which are a tenant and I chatting while the inspector is in the basement.

Videos overlap audio, supplement with visual…
Part 2: Inspector looking through scope  at the condition of 1C.

Part 3: just a second of tape where you can see the inspector standing near major cracks in the support wall.

Part 4: While the inspector went to look at the roof (did not notice there is no alarm on roof door). A tenant and I chat for first minute, until Inspector came back down, and now claimed he originally had an appointment with the old contractor for today. He claims he would go back to the office and work on access.

Later in the afternoon, an HPD Inspector came to building to inspect as well.  The building did garner violations for broken tile, no janitor, signage…

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Video of HPD Inspector Visit April 12, 2018:

During this visit, I learned from a tenant the intercom had not been working. I had not received a package days before, another tenant informed me the intercom had been out for at least a week.