6-2-18 DOB new disposition & Dangerous Construction

I noticed the change/addition to a disposition — 12 days after inspection.

I said I would like to see the hazards gone in gutted apartments, safe construction, protection for the tenants, etc. and added, integrity. We are witnessing change of documents, and cover up, hiding issues including severe safety issues in the gutted apartment.

Now, “I Prime Construction” -not the company on the permit, (Registered to do business in December 2017), is hiring unlicensed guys to merely, “cover up” (before inspection) extreme hazards. Guys will again be sneaking in to work at night, who have no idea what the Housing Maintenance Code or Construction /Building Code or even tenant protection means, and who outright refused their name, company name and, of it all, proclaimed, “it’s not their problem.” Things here and at the DOB bis site are getting worse.

The May 16, complaint # 1479195,  did/ does not warrant inspection (with incorrect information i.e. no permits for 4a/5a, swo for 1c). However, after calling and informing the Construction Unit of that fact,  two inspectors (including 2923) came out to inspect anyway  on May 17 (see that date). This complaint -which they had not written disposition for-  now has a May 29 disposition!! On or around May 29— they wrote a disposition for a complaint inspected on May 17. While it is true they were not able to gain access to 1C- they did not contact the property manager or contractor – and knew beforehand that I, a tenant, could not get them access and the complaint was incorrect (see call to Chief Hughes); they also added an outright untruth to the BIS disposition. These inspectors now -falsely-claimed they left an LS4 notice posted on the door. (see photos)

The disposition for  # 1479195 had absolutely not been written after the inspection. [On May 17/18 they did write disposition for the basement complaint, but had left the 1c / gutted apartment complaint blank. — provided copies / proof of that already, and it’s here on this blog.] There was absolutely, no notice left on the door for no access (LS4), and no violations for no permits on door written.

It was during the May 17 inspection that the inspector – clearly, and on tape – said she called her Chief and he told her not to write anything up, that they weren’t going to do anything and that all heads of departments were going to have a big meeting to discuss what to do with apartment 1C and other gutted warehoused apartments ( what a waste of resources)

The afternoon –well after inspection– some of our other complaints to the inspectors were mysteriously corrected: the property manager came to the building and finally posted a couple of permits (not all and not the Tenant Protection Plan), and the next day the roof scaffolding/beams were removed — but no LS4 notice was ever left or posted at the time of May 17 inspection.

(I added the details and exhibits to May 29 post)

The door May 17 before and after inspection…

May 29, 2018: DOB cover inspector –1c

The May 17th inspector, 2923 hadn’t put any disposition in regarding 1 c, 4a, 5a, incorrect complaint which they were here to inspect. They ignored the complaint.  [See May 17, for those unbelievable occurrences.]

I shared that info today … Guess what appeared on DOB bis?

All of a sudden, the May 17th inspector wrote a disposition in May 29, that they were unable to get access and left an LS4 notice – which is absolutely not true!!