10-10-18 DOB Inspector Work w SWO & Revoked Permits 1C & 4a/5a?!

Today, after knocking things off a wall, when confronted, the worker admits what we heard…yesterday’s DOB inspector told him to continue to work. There is  a stop work order on 1C, and revoked permit 4a/5a. They were revoked partly because conditions were found to present peril. The Stop Work Order was issued because they were found creating more hazardous conditions, gutting a support wall between apartments, and the floor to beams –again.  He said he was here to see 4a/5a but went to 1C and told the worker he could work in all. He watched him go upstairs to work. The disposition he wrote on BIS, claims he saw no work in 1C and completely ignored the complaint he mentioned for 4a and 5a.

The beginning -with loud noise- also available!