1-25-19 Stop Work Order 4d Plumbing

The elderly man whose apartment was demolished around him (see 11-16) then relocated in December was promised he’d be back in his unit in weeks. Instead, they’ve bee taking their time and doing the work without a permit. In December they received summons for having done the new bathroom without a permit. Now, they got a stop work order for working on his apartment.

Reminder 9/24 DOB Inspector Sees Danger & SWO

The September 24 DOB inspector videos hadn’t been posted before. here is a reminder of yet another DOB inspector here, for nothing, and allowing hazards. This was a DOB Special Op inspector came to the building. He claimed to be here to see if they complied with old violations. He gasped, said, “Wow”, “this is bad” …. as he saw work in 1C, photographed gutted support wall in between apartments, gutted floor, garbage throughout, evidence of smoking in the apartment with gas and electrical lines exposed. He merely talks to the workers, gave the workers a warning, told them to clean up the site and said he’d do some paperwork and send someone back.He knew the permit was revoked and saw the SWO on the door and commented on it. He also commented on the mold and mildew … yup.

How many DOB inspectors does it take…


10-10-18 DOB Inspector Work w SWO & Revoked Permits 1C & 4a/5a?!

Today, after knocking things off a wall, when confronted, the worker admits what we heard…yesterday’s DOB inspector told him to continue to work. There is  a stop work order on 1C, and revoked permit 4a/5a. They were revoked partly because conditions were found to present peril. The Stop Work Order was issued because they were found creating more hazardous conditions, gutting a support wall between apartments, and the floor to beams –again.  He said he was here to see 4a/5a but went to 1C and told the worker he could work in all. He watched him go upstairs to work. The disposition he wrote on BIS, claims he saw no work in 1C and completely ignored the complaint he mentioned for 4a and 5a.

The beginning -with loud noise- also available!

5-31-18 DOB 1C 2D Full Stop Work Order Served/Rescinded – Engineer & DHCR & Access

A lot occurred, or was caught today -this will two  long posts!

DOB and its building information system (bis): …  Complaint disposition for #:1475308 now includes a Full Stop Work Order Served! Inspected (not) and Rescinded all in one day — on May 30!  Also, Department of Buildings website removed all application information for both electrical permits (for #2d & #1c, 4a, 5a)  -the applications are now blank-with blank permits on the DOBNow (trademark of DOB/City of NY) website. One,  that was used to rescind the Stop work Order/s, did expire today, however, information normally stays public.   No work nor formal inspection of 2d was done by the electrical company or DOB, of course, both of  the SWO were rescinded. No fine is listed, but Oath Hearing – postposted until 7/2018.

OTHER: DHCR inspected all tenants signed building-wide complaint. The engineer who is under review for false testimony in the condominium plan came to the building — this engineer went into gutted apartment 1C with JR and also admitted it’s dangerous…hello DOB! He stayed around, and pretended we’ve spoke before, strange… see his confession here

DOB – see below

The electrical permit application for 2D (#M00037840) and application for electrical 1c/4a/5a (#M00046667) on DOBNow   which were once fully filled in (but did contain false info and other defaults), and for which the permits were absolutely issued/printable from the site are today- BLANK. Application #M00037840 was used to vacate the stop work order(s). The disposition of complaint #s clearly state so. [though the Deputy Commissioner claimed there was still a stop work order on May 29] The permit for gutted apartments had been issued to an unregistered entity.  Both of these applications and permits are  BLANK, the application forms themselves no longer have building/owner/contractor/scope of work information and the printable permits are blank – but still have the commissioners stamp and signature.   Please take that off the website DOB.

The Stop Work Order is rescinded on both complaint number dispositions as well. I had brought copies of one complaint to I-D and later left it with the D. Comm B.

#2613 claims to have inspected 1474044 on the 24th (not) and rescinded what was the partial stop work order.

I was wrong in stating that we’ll never know about the Full Stop Work Order. The complaint #1475308 disposition which always stated a Full Stop Work Order was served on March 27, then downgraded to an H3 summons, now states a Full Stop Work Order was served and rescinded – all on May 30 –and  #2613 claims to also have inspected May 30 (no inspector was actually inside the building). Was there a Full Stop Work Order (not on door/proper) all along?

DOB inspectors gave us a lot of “stories” about the Full Stop Work Order …Examples, May 17: Chief Hughes, ” …H3 is the correct disposition…” – April 10: Chief Ryan, “(2570) was mistaken”, Inspector/Marshal Ramsumair,  “There is no Full Stop Work Order” before changing that story many times … etc.

DOB has not re- inspected the work, nor has a licensed electrician inspected 2d. No workers -not licensed, nor unlicensed -did any work in 2D since the unlicensed workers were caught doing work for a second time. Some work had been done by the time they were caught. (The tape of the unlicensed workers trying to put the exhaust fan in, is on March 27 post) However, the tenant in 2D and son, still have electric issue in the bathroom, exposed wires and now relies on unchecked electrical work (bathroom, stove and kitchen area) by the unlicensed electrician. Her electric originally blew out because of a cascading water leak from above in February.

By now, it’s evident that ensuring construction and tenant safety is not DOB’s function – here — or, in (at least) several of these owners buildings.


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