2nd Floor Slope & Broken Tile 2d 2c

The second floor tile in front of 2D and 2C door was missing broken for years. The HP Action and DHCR building-wide reduction finally forced it to be fixed at the end of November. The tenants egress was blocked without notice as they did demolition, cement and tile work. It is a shoddy job with gaps…the violation for slope is still not fixed.

3-5-19 1D Access, repairs & floor -LiveStreamed

Live Streamed access on YouTube to avoid any questions of date or what occurred. Access was requested via letter today. Letter was from yet another of this landlord’s attorneys, direct to represented tenants. It mentioned a small bedroom which I don’t have and one day of access for windows. Windows were fixed last June & living room windows in December 7 (see post). The second letter had no scope of work at all (see post), and landlord would not say what would be done. He pretends his violations are work we “want” done. This is 14 out of 15 months they’ve been in my apartment now. There are 3 issues, just 3…

When they left, I live streamed video of issues… and areas I had to have clear -again – it’s been unbelievable amount of times – its access abuse

{Note: some, like the leaky sink, and bathroom door were created by them when they replaced it, they didn’t align lock, the next access, they fix lock, didn’t shave door, etc… If this (and what they do to other tenants), isn’t intentional to interfere with peace and use of apartments, I don’t know what is. It is certainly not wanting to “create better apartments for tenants” as they claim to enforcement.

The floors are very unlevel. Live streamed on youtube today….

Late in the day, the worker came back to fix the bathroom door:

3-5-2019 1B Access

Repairs were to be conducted in 1B on March 5th, 2019, date agreed upon for access between tenant/landlord. The landlord refused to tell the tenant what needed to be cleared even though the tenant had asked the landlord directly on numerous occasions and several forms of communications. These actions by the landlord went against the court ordered stip., which were supposed to let the tenant know the scope of work, company performing the work; letting them know for five day window of verification.

Work was performed in the hall closet. It was painted and vinyl tiles were placed. The closet flooring had been stripped in August 2018 by the landlord and left un-repaired.

While work was being performed in the apartment, the landlord, entered, checked the stove from his notes, remarked to the worker that it was functional then left — all these actions were in the presence of the tenants of 1B. The landlord later claimed, mislead and harassed, the tenant on March 8th, 2019, that he could not gain access to the apartment in an email.

Note, the stove in apartment 1B was not functioning properly, or at all, for nearly a year, which the LL was aware of and noted by a stand-in property manager that it was non-functional on 12-7-2019. The stove was repaired on 12-10-2018, court ordered.

1B, 3-5-2019 (Access Date) Worker Being Done Inside Hall Closet
1B Emails Between Tenant/Landlord [LL’s Lawyer (K)]
1B Stove Invoice, 12/10/2018

2-27-19 1D Access & Home Depot won’t do floors 1D

After the entire floor repair fiasco, Home Depot contractors finally arrived. They said it’s the wrong wood and the scope of work is beyond what they do, it’s too unlevel. These workers didn’t want the job. -This possibility and owners insistence that tenant be responsible for a mere suggestion, is one of the reasons tenant’s attorney declined their terms for use of Home Depot after initially suggesting it. Of course, DHCR believed landlords/attorneys without evidence, so Home Depot was contracted despite protest. Now what? The landlord won’t answer, after telling DHCR that the floor was not part of the action, he now admits it was and claims tenant must speak to HP attorney, everything has to go through attorney!! scroll for more…

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I’ve moved all belongings, in a tiny apartment -again- and still do not have level floors. BTW: HPD removed the violation with no work being done….and tenant was falsely accused of no access for floors this year (see 2/7, 2/19/19 & it’s been done to make them less level 2x prior (2016 and 2/2018)

more videos soon….

2-19-19: 1D Floor Repair issues, LL misleads DHCR

“… Since HPD definitively stated the floors should be redone …”

–Adan Soltren, Legal Aid; 11/26/18

The Landlord, “contractor”, and worker were in the building to meet the HPD /HP Action Court inspector. See below for video in 1D and next post. This day was a long one…

The floor repair in my apartment was still an issue, as the landlord still hadn’t brought the wood in to acclimate to the room it will be installed in per the contractor and Home Depot terms. (see their websites). He preferred to make false claims to DHCR regarding the floor. The truth is, the repair was originally scheduled for January, then February 11th, had to be rescheduled because the wood wasn’t acclimated per HD terms (see 2-7-19), until the 20th. The last time the contractor called to confirm the repair, they said they can not do the work if the wood isn’t acclimated to the room for 3 days. They would still not bring the wood in this morning. They would later but it would have to be rescheduled again…

It would interfere with use of my apartment, health and time, when the landlord had misinformed DHCR 1-8-19, that the floors were not part of the HP Action, or scheduled January 9-11 (they were). Below, he admits he misinformed DHCR when he insists the repair goes through the HP Action attorney (Update see 2-27-19 when he admits it’s part of that action):

First, following the inspector, the landlord’s “contractor” came to our apartments to look at all areas. In 1D. I explained the flooring needed to be acclimated to the room, etc, and since it was not yet in my apartment…I rescheduled floor with her (video coming soon) and she had the worker bring the flooring in to my apartment. (the date was off on the camera this is 2-19-19) see about 1:26 on tape

Later, the landlord told me I should not be speaking to his contractor or scheduling anything through her. He continued to tell me to speak to the HP Action attorney regarding the floor.

Home Depot’s contractor would not come unless the wood was acclimated, the repair had to be rescheduled again for the 27th.

There re many more videos of this day and the landlord saying the floors are part of the HP Action and to contact that attorney to reschedule.

Update: see LIVE streamed video of floors 3-5-18.-+

2-19-19: HPD Court Inspector w Landlord & workers

The Landlord, “contractor”, and worker were in the building to meet the HPD /HP Action Court inspector. They followed him through the building. The inspector told the landlord what to fix and the worker did the work right there, no notice of work to tenants. The inspector commented on conditions. (Update: with work not done, the majority of violations were removed). In the video I am waiting to discuss my floors, you can see the hall condition, they do work, and hear the landlord lie about access about 3:30 on tape. They continue to falsely claim we don’t provide it! As tenant advocate, I reiterate that the attorney should be made aware of this.

for more also see previous post 1D floor and more coming soon…

2D has provided an unbelievable amount of access and still has issues. The tenant had told the attorney she only had an hour for the inspection. Other tenants had to stay with their own apartments. Here they want to do last minute work… https://youtu.be/TJV4F7rZOqI