3-8-19 DOB Inspectors w Property Manager

The property manager is not supposed to be overseeing work in the building per court stip. He was seen leaving in the morning, then coming back with DOB inspectors. They went up to 4D (though a look online sees the mysterious complaint was for 1C) and came down still advising the property manager. They left together than the property manager came back in.
The top video was live streamed so there can be no denying the date or occurrence …

jr and dob

2-27-19: DHCR Inspector Meeting w Landlord & Access letters for work done

The landlord was in the building, not for the floor repair but to wait for the DHCR inspector. See next post re: floor and access letters. Tenants also received repair access notices via certified mail from yet another attorney of the landlords today. 1D and 1B letters asked for access for March 5 to repair windows which was already repaired. 1D asked for access to rooms that don’t exist in the apartment. We were asking the landlord what to do about that when DHCR showed up…the inspector wouldn’t answer a simple question, but they chummed thru the building, then down the block after his brief inspection. He did touch the dirt on sides in hallway, but did not look at the common area, broken plaster, crack…. watch to the end of the second video to see them stroll down the block.
We also live streamed building condition…

DHCR arrives and walks with owner does not look at crack

See LIVE Streamed youtube video of building condition this day 2-27-19; https://youtu.be/lsWIOv7b5ts

2-19-19: 1D Floor Repair issues, LL misleads DHCR

“… Since HPD definitively stated the floors should be redone …”

–Adan Soltren, Legal Aid; 11/26/18

The Landlord, “contractor”, and worker were in the building to meet the HPD /HP Action Court inspector. See below for video in 1D and next post. This day was a long one…

The floor repair in my apartment was still an issue, as the landlord still hadn’t brought the wood in to acclimate to the room it will be installed in per the contractor and Home Depot terms. (see their websites). He preferred to make false claims to DHCR regarding the floor. The truth is, the repair was originally scheduled for January, then February 11th, had to be rescheduled because the wood wasn’t acclimated per HD terms (see 2-7-19), until the 20th. The last time the contractor called to confirm the repair, they said they can not do the work if the wood isn’t acclimated to the room for 3 days. They would still not bring the wood in this morning. They would later but it would have to be rescheduled again…

It would interfere with use of my apartment, health and time, when the landlord had misinformed DHCR 1-8-19, that the floors were not part of the HP Action, or scheduled January 9-11 (they were). Below, he admits he misinformed DHCR when he insists the repair goes through the HP Action attorney (Update see 2-27-19 when he admits it’s part of that action):

First, following the inspector, the landlord’s “contractor” came to our apartments to look at all areas. In 1D. I explained the flooring needed to be acclimated to the room, etc, and since it was not yet in my apartment…I rescheduled floor with her (video coming soon) and she had the worker bring the flooring in to my apartment. (the date was off on the camera this is 2-19-19) see about 1:26 on tape

Later, the landlord told me I should not be speaking to his contractor or scheduling anything through her. He continued to tell me to speak to the HP Action attorney regarding the floor.

Home Depot’s contractor would not come unless the wood was acclimated, the repair had to be rescheduled again for the 27th.

There re many more videos of this day and the landlord saying the floors are part of the HP Action and to contact that attorney to reschedule.

Update: see LIVE streamed video of floors 3-5-18.-+

12-27-18 HPD Notices of Correction Re-Inspection 1D

After other tenants and I received numerous HPD violation correction letters incorrectly addressed to former tenants names, which we can not open or reply to. I finally received one in my own name. It claimed the landlord had certified the bathroom leak (above my tub) was corrected. I had informed the landlord personally that the plumber admitted the bathroom leak above my tub was not addressed at all (see Dec 7 & 19 post here). He watched/ is aware that the mold “remediation” consisted of painting over some of it and the leak is again coming through. Apparently, they certified it corrected despite the fact that I had made the landlord aware, both that the plumber admitted not fixing that leak and that a drip/leak had come through after the paint dried.

This leak is a repeating violation or order since 2012! They have concealed this leak soooo many times, they need to fix it! I called the number as directed on the letter and an inspection was scheduled for today. Of course, a bulb blew making it hard to see. The inspector came saw the discolored area and left (same inspector from September.)

If history repeats, -depending on the amount of product used to cover it, it eventually starts as a small drip, or just a drip under the paint, then a stain, then mold…

12-5-18 hazards & Conditions Found by Tenant Harassment Task Force

The Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force Inspection on 12-5-18 was pretty impressive as inspectors from FDNY, HPD, DOB and DHCR went through the building and a few apartments. There were 50+ new HPD violations including 25 Class C written, a bunch of DOB summons, an FDNY summons left on the door and DHCR inspector had us sign a paper regarding conditions.

Here are some examples of the new violations:

hpd violations
HPD THPTF violations 12-10-18
HPD Violations THPTF 12-10-18

12-6-18 DOB THPTF back

One of the OOB inspectors from the task force came back today to take photos out of my window. He could have went outside through the basement (door was open) to take better photos. … He asked to use the bathroom. I had let an inspector use it months ago, many have asked since but I’ve said, “no.” This time I allowed it and the summons he wrote said this… strange, what was obtained?

12-5 Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force Storms the Building! JR Violates Order

This afternoon, a gang of inspectors from all agencies came into the building. The landlords/property manager are monitoring us with the video cameras . JR – who was ordered in court by stip to not interact with tenants or oversee work, came running in to the building – and oversaw work on the roof, the DOB inspector said needed to be done immediately.

The inspector also admitted that when they pulled up, a bunch of workers went running out of the building and down the block! Probably unlicensed as usual. The group of inspectors went through a few apartments of tenants who were home. DHCR inspector wrote up some paperwork in  apartments and had tenants’ sign. When they left, there was a summons from FDNY on the door. See here for more.

UPDATE: the task force, DOB inspectors wrote 11 summons/violations showing that the tenants safety and lives were put in danger again (no fire stopping, exposed electric, ungrounded electrical, work without permit…, the HPD inspector wrote 50 violations many for common areas, basement, the DHCR inspector had whichever tenants were home sign forms and later opened individual apartment decreased services dockets]

11-27-18 Not New fresh paint – False Information to DHCR

The landlord submitted answer to tenants DCHR harassment complaint dated/stamped November 15. In answer to the landlords answer to harassment complaint, I made a live youtube video showing– they lied, the walls were not freshly painted and plastered when they wrote the answer. The tile is cracked, broken, unlevel and the building is filthy.

Not the best video – they did  not plaster, did not fix the cracks or tile…

They also lied about the number of violations. Here is the current HPD list: Continue reading “11-27-18 Not New fresh paint – False Information to DHCR”

11-27-18: Pointing Work & DOB Inspection for???

The roof permit doesn’t include concrete!? They did the roof, cement bags are everywhere! Today, very windy or not, those workers are doing the pointing on the side. They are right at tenants windows –without warning.

A DOB inspector showed up today and went upstairs. He said he was a plumbing inspector, and there were many complaints. There were none not already inspected when I checked last.