Lease tricks

Today, two of us received communication falsely stating that we did not submit a signed copy of our lease renewals. We had both already received it back with the landlords usual scribbled signature. My security deposit check, submitted with my signed lease copy had been cashed in January.

What trick could this be? They consistently use certified letters, whether actually mailed or not, as verifiable evidence. The sad truth is that city/state agencies accept just a copy of a letter and (even unstamped) certified mail receipts and landlord’s word as proof of whatever they claim. Tenants factual evidence and testimony is always disregarded. Hmmm….Do I wait to see how they use this certified letter, or ….??

Water Hammer Winter 19-20

Since we are still in court, the landlords have to provide heat this winter. So when prepping the boiler for the winter, there was a lot of unusual construction downstairs (videos and more coming soon) . Somehow they created water hammer. The heat is so incredibly loud this year, the banging shakes the floors, interrupts conversations even into the hallway. This goes on at odd hours during the night waking tenants. The banging continues for a while. One tenant had his radiator bled, the “p;umber” said it was from the basement/boiler. The bled radiator filled with water within two hours.

It is hard to capture the initial banging as we never know when the heat will come on, but here is an example of the “radiator symphony”!:

Garbage – Still Insufficient Bins

Years with no garbage or recycling cans inside or out, in 2018 we finally got three plastic bins outside. The ones inside when we moved in were never replaced. The violation was for no/insufficient metal bins. We still don’t have that, or enough bins. Here is a list of violations for insufficient bins, failure to clean, garbage pile, etc. from 2016 to present:

Garbage/ Recycling: no bins, loose, dirty, pile up

* Respondents removed bins after purchase 2015

Date Violation/Summons No.

Past HPD violations :

Insufficient bins:

  11/21/17:  12090471
  12/16/17:  12150568
  12/18/17:  12152222

12/16/17: 12150540

Sanitation Summons for,
insufficient bins, dirty, loose garbage, unclean, recycling:

08/2016:  0192053254

02/2017: 042327722H
12/2017: 0197358545

08/2017: 0195756945

09/2017: 0196107066

09/2017: 0196108588

10/2017: 0196103876

11/2017:  0197382790

06/13/2018: 0204347670

07/17/2018:  0205330630
11/30/2018: 0206473329

Insufficient bins:  02/21/2019:  0206856046

Garbage from Google EarthTM

6-11-2019 4D going back!

After writing in details of 4D in my court affidavit and an email to the AG, the landlord is finally allowing 4D back in his rent control apartment. After summons, stop work orders, work without permit, it was finally finished long ago. The workers, and other all said he wasn’t getting back in. I knew if it was brought up in court filings and / or AG got involved they would have to let him back in, so they can appear as if they are doing the right thing! Now, they will try to use that in their favor…we’re ready!

4-20-2019, Leaking Skylight to Alcove

The longstanding issue of the skylight leaking down to the first floor under the stairs is still an issue. It has been a constant issue of complaint from tenants to the landlord and property managers. It hurts the security and safety of tenants, leading to slip hazards on the stairs/landing and has also caused a foul odor and breeding ground for mosquitoes when it rains in the summer; and harassment.

The leaking skylight has been a consnat

Leaking Skylight 4,20,2019

4-9-19: Unannounced access 2b 2d

Since going in 2D without appointment was noted, they have taken to ringing other doorbells. Today, they rant 2b saying it was an inspector. It’s the electrical company trying to get into 2D. Note that they signed off as work complete in September then completely rewired the apartments (with permit only to cure violation of exposed wiring and unlicensed work) in December 2018. The work was still not complete and Gotham Electric has been back many times including with DOB inspectors telling them what to fix. 2D provided access monthly, sometimes weekly. This is harassment.