Access Abuse

“My clients have given access on countless occasions.  Major issues loom with use of unlicensed workers, harassment, and even mail tampering by the property manager.”

–Adan Soltren, Legal Aid to the landlord’s attorney

Tenants only had/have a few necessary repairs. There is no valid or “good faith” reason that they should be repeated monthly, or left unfinished, or create new issues. This is to interfere with use of our apartments, and our lives. This is access abuse. Read below for a simple (not the worst) example, 16+ days spread over 6 months for just one simple repair/paint over stain. Read the blog for many more!

” Imagine your landlord being in your apartment to do the same repairs repeatedly, forcing you to constantly move belongings, take time off of work, be late for work, use sick days, friends time, more time to clean up…it’s access abuse. Worse, our landlords flat out lie ad say we don’t provide access.”

–President, 66 W 138th Street Tenants Association

The landlord plays all kind of access games. He will arrange for dates, not show, come late, or do work, and the same day send a self-serving letter direct to represented tenants for access or claim he didn’t have access. The owner has actually told a tenant who live streamed him in the apartment / doing work, that he didn’t have access! He will call last minute, just show up, send letters to represented tenants, say one thing in court and another to a different enforcement agency.

Not the worst example of abusive access for one repair.

  • #1D Kitchen Paint of leak stain: 16+ days in 6 months!
    • This leak poured out of light & ceiling in kitchen for first time late night Feb. 15 through 16th
      • Access for inspection that night, the next day.
    • Access for paint, Feb. 20, 21. Stain back, repaint Feb 27,
    • Stain back March
    • Access for Paint again (and finally replace damaged cabinets) June 26, 27-July 2.
      • Also had access to other D line tenants & claimed to have fixed the leak during these days. (see posts)
    • Leak occurred again Sept. 5-6.
      • Access for assessment Sept. 6, 9
      • Paint again October 5. Violation still found.
      • November 12 had access to all three apartments for leak cure, did not hire licensed plumber.
      • Alleged plumber: access December 7. Plumber inspection December 17. (did not fix other leak in 1D)
      • Access to Paint again Jan 9-10th
        • Stove is now painted/plastered into wall, it scrapes the wall, and paint chips every time it’s opened

“…My clients have been giving non-stop access due to the court case and HPD inspections…”

–Adan Soltren, Legal Aid to the Attorney General REFB