2D – Electrical

BACKGROUND: Late on February 15 there was a loud bang/noise heard by 1D and 2D. 2D came running down to 1D after the bang and sparks shut off all of her electricity in kitchen area, bath and hall. 1D, also had kitchen light blow out and noticed the leak pouring from the fixture. In both 1D and 2D, the water came from above out of the kitchen ceiling down the wall to the outlets behind stove and the wall next to stove that holds the circuit breaker, also down the bathroom wall on the kitchen side. The super came to both apartments, shut off the water and 2D electric box. The water continued to pour out on the 16th, when the property manager came to all units to check the damage and make appointments to repair.

2D has a job and a son, and either uses her days off or has someone sit in her apartment for access. They have left her, and her son, without all electric and have continued repairs/disruption of use of apartment and their lives since February 2018. DOB inspectors come with Gotham wiring constantly. As you see in 3-13-19 post, they are still repairing her electric, and are still going there unannounced including with DOB, despite having certified the work complete in May and September 2018, despite an obscene amount of access-plenty of time for the repair to be done.

Here is a partial timeline:

  • Leak February 15/16 caused loud bang and electric to blow out
  • The workers allegedly fixed the leak from 3D then.
  • Workers went to 2D end of February 2018 and were still rewiring and redoing kitchen area in March. 3-9
  • Tenant still did not have working lights/outlets at that time. Here is video of condition of the apartment by tenant
  • On March 14, 1018, the owners were caught by DOB doing electric with unlicensed workers, failure to maintain and ordered to Stop Electrical Work.
DOB Violation #:   031418ELOBMMN03  301418COBMMN04 
ECB Violation #:   35306277M  35306278Y 
  • March 20, workers came back unannounced, and when they were not permitted to work with Stop Work Order. 
  • March 22, 2018 – worker showed up unannounced, made appointment for following Tuesday
  • March 26, sent workers only to repair kitchen wall. Landlord gave tenant’s phone number to a man named Chris who called  to come check out electric tomorrow.
  • March 27-28 unlicensed workers continued work on electrical. Property Manager came in to observe. Tenant reminded them that there is a stop work order and should not be doing electrical yet they continued. This is only a segment of March 27:
  • DOB inspection 2570 caught workers doing electrical work in apartment, served Full Stop Work Order for continuing to work with a SWO. Property manager told the DOB inspector he had no idea they were doing electric but that is him with glasses walking in and he clearly instructed the workers on tape.
Full stop work order changed to H3 summons March 30
  • They finally acquired the necessary permit merely to cure the violation 35306277M – to repair her exposed electric, light in the kitchen area April 24, 2018. The permit application was for Southside Electric but the permit was issued to Gotham Wiring. Master Electrician, Joseph Jordan was licensed 69 years ago, in 1950. Department Of State lists a different owner, not a master electrician, as the owner of Gotham Wiring. [Note: the permit was later reissued with a different expiration date.]
original permit

The permit was later reissued with a later expiration date, but still only to remove violation for unlicensed work /exposed wiring/light in kitchen area.

permit issued after certificate not accepted (see printed list from dobnow) c tm city of ny
  • Property Manager came to tenants door unannounced many time, including May 1, made appointment for May 4.
  • May 4 electrician did work in 2D, with SWO, still left exposed outlets.
  • The Stop Work Orders for violation 35306277M was rescinded May 24, 2018.
  • The Full Stop Work Order was rescinded/administratively closed in July.
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  • May 31 the property manager was back. Also in Mary -when the SWO was lifted, the owner submitted certificate that they cured the violation –
  • The electrical (and other) work was not complete as certified.
  • They were back many times and then the LL used weeks of access in August to demolish and redo the bathroom, but did not fix outlets/switches at that time (still never fixing the hot / cold water controls)
  • Representatives from Gotham Wiring came with DOB inspectors many times during August and September. They even ignored tenants request that they do not enter when only her visiting elderly father with early dementia was home, and endangered his safety.
  • Gotham was allowed to do work, change outlets / switches on the spot as directed by DOB. They still did not finish, also re-exposed wiring.
  • They had more access in September, but still left work unfinished there and . The leak occurred again.
  • In September they certified the work as complete when it was not.
  • Property manager saw condition again October 5 and promised to make appointment in October (pursuant to attorney emails) but did not.
  • On October 15, 2018 the Attorney General office saw this…unit 2D still unfinished and with exposed electrical.
  • Access in November did not finish the work.
  • December 17 the same exposed wiring remained in the kitchen, tenant could not use her stove, and not all outlets worked. On December 17-19, 2018 workers broke open all of her walls and ceiling to completely rewire her apartment.
  • They did not wire it properly – therefore did not finish and had to come back many times since. DOB came, including with Gotham wiring.

This is how they left tenant and son on December 19, 2018:

  • They said they needed another day and went back December 20.
  • Gotham Wiring and DOB came back again and again – and still did not fix all of the wiring (and other) issues.
  • They were in her apartment on March 5 & 6 doing work.
  • Here is LIVE stream of DOB inspector with Gotham wiring in apartment 2D March 13, 2019 after demanding access without any notice earlier same day. DOB instructs Gotham this day, and they still didn’t fix it all properly.

Here is livestream of Gotham doing that work

  • The work is still not proper, she still has upside down switches and outlets not flush to wall.
  • Gotham attempted access without notice again on the 14th, ringing her phone repeatedly (intercom goes directly to tenants cell phone) getting her in trouble while she was at work.
  • They did this many times since. No proper notice, or even improper request for access has been made, they just show up.
  • On April 9 the landlord told the tenants attorney DOB needed access the next day. Less than 24 hours, is not proper notice.

A call to DOB electrical department claims the work in 2D was signed off as complete in September 2018 and they have no internal record that DOB inspectors have been to her apartment nor want access to her apartment. This is frightening.