Access Game-intent to interfere w/use 1D

There remain/ed open violations and a DHCR order for repairs on 1D after “work” was done -including over weeks ’18, and during access provided after a leak in September. Work per HPD/DHCR: fix bathroom leak, cover leak stains kitchen & bath, gap under front door, bathroom door to close, window to lock, secure toilet, fix unlevel floor (living/kitchen area)

This is just ONE small example of the access lies and games the landlord/property manager plays when given (more) time in October, and an entire week of access 11-12 to 11-16/17-2018. This misuse of time is intentional to interfere with use and enjoyment of apartment & lives.

Note this page does not include every event that occurred during these days or regarding access –

  • October 4th I offered access to do repairs on the 5th.
    • Also on Oct. 5th was an HPD court inspection – all tenants who needed to be were here. He did not make appointments with 2d or 3d to fix the leak. Instead, he claimed he had no access to fix the leak upstairs so couldn’t finish my bathroom on
    • October 5th – they did work in my apartment and at the same time he wrote an email to the attorney claiming I didn’t allow access. (note this work done needed to be redone per HPD)
  • October -allegedly sent letter for access for ONE day, October 31.
  • October 27 – Tenant sent restricted letter allowing an entire week of access November 12-16/7 to get all repairs done.
    • October 30-31 Landlord personally signed for my access letter and management received a copy (& no one showed on 10/31)
  • November 1: Same Landlord who signed for access letter, sent self serving email to attorney falsely stating there is no access:

From: Jonathan Weinberger [mailto[redacted]]
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2018 1:58 PM
To: Jason Green; Soltren, Adan

and still no response on access to 1d. we miss certification dates because of access delays .

  • November 12: see post, at first, Property manager says he was just going to check things, he has the week…
    • finally shows to repair door (see post for that fiasco). He admits he already measured. Then, claims he had no access to measure!
    • Leaves me without door, puts old door back on. In first video,he asks me when is good for me for them to come back– like they have no other violations to cure this week. Then claims he doesn’t need more access until Thursday.
  • In video below, I remind property manager I gave him entire week. He falsely claims that he couldn’t do the rest of the work (not just bathroom) because he didn’t have access to 2d & 3d, who were available and waiting on plumber –per attorneys see emails and videos/ posts– 11/12 through 11/15. (those D line tenants have all been available at the same time and told leak was fixed before see here)
  • Note: violations in 1D that he needed to cure included floor and other work, i.e. window, bathroom door, kitchen paint over stain, etc., (which he could have done this week too – my neighbor 1B was on hand ready to move my belongings as needed, as well as to provide access to 1b, 2d, and his sister 3d)
  • November 13: Date of letter tenant received from another of landlord’s attorneys for more access –to change the door again on November 21
  • November 15-16: Came back/access finished door
  • November 20: Tenant joins HP Action is again told to ignore letter for November 21 access (but didn’t)
  • November 21: No one showed up.

The access game continued….

In November 20, court stip, and per those attorneys, tenants were to only provide 3 days of access. 1D was January 9-11, 2019.
Then added December 7, 2018 for plumbing.

public record – redacted attorney email to tenant 1B re 3 days & his /1B schedule
  • The landlord did not stick to the stipulation. and also got access without any or proper notice on at least,
  • December 7 (requested), 10, 11, 12 & LL worker inspections: 17, 19
    • See last line of invoice/photo below Landlord tells worker to just knock on tenants door without notice.
  • January 9-11 (as scheduled), 15, 16.
  • February 7, 19, 27.
    • **Feb. 27 would not speak to tenant, “everything has to go through attorney”
  • March 5 – sent letter direct to tenant for access (it was granted)
  • [Note: owner also demanded Feb. 11th -duping DHCR into believing the floor wasn’t scheduled through HP Action. Due to landlords failure to bring materials in – the 11th was changed but tenant had room clear & was ready for access, in case it was a game.]
  • See dated posts for more information