D-Line Kitchen Leak Access Lies

First, there are two leaks that make the way to 1D. This post is solely about the leak that occurred to 2d many times & 1d for the first time February 15-16, 2018 through the kitchen light, ceiling and bath/hall walls that touch kitchen area. The leak is from a pipe in 3D which they claimed to have fixed many times.

The landlord and property manager also falsely claim/ed they never had access to all three apartments to address the issue. As you see from the timeline below, they had access, and claimed to have fixed the leak in 3D many times. See invoice below, a “plumber” finally came to fix the leak in December. Walls were broken open with no tenant protection,stains/walls not fixed at that time (would demand more access for that).

Note: this post is ONLY about this kitchen D-line leak, many other issues/access days occurred

  • March 2017
    • March 29, 2017 Worker, HA, comes to 3D to assess the leak underneath the kitchen sink and did not fix it
3-29-17 3D Invoice for Repairs.
  • January 2018
    • 1-16-18: JR comes out to assess leak under 3D’s kitchen sink, and uses foam spray to clog it.
  • February 2018
    • 2-15-18 Leak begins late night. Super assess leak / damage all three apartments, shut off water & 2D electric.
    • 2-16-18: Property manager went to all 3 apartments to assess leak/damage.
      • Work in 3D kitchen & bathroom to fix pipes (not a licensed plumber) Claim it is Fixed
    • 2-17-18 Property Manager & 2 workers in 3D assess (without notice) confirm leak is fixed
    • 2-20-18/ 2-21-18 & 2-27-18: plaster paint leak 1D
  • March 2018:
    • 3-11 to 3-14-18: Plaster and paint leak in 2D (and other days this month redoing kitchen and fixing electric)
  • June 2018:
    • 6-26 & 6-27-18: Had access to all 3 apartments. In video they are in 1D saying they would go upstairs to fix the leak. Instead they fixed toilet 3D and plastered/painted over leak 1D.
  • June 27, 2018:- They claim the leak is fixed;
  • September 2018:
    • 9-5 & 9-6-18: Leak occurs again pours out of light, down walls, etc. in 1D & 2D Super had access.
    • 9-6-18 – 9-7-18: Worker Access to all 3 apartments. Worked in 3D-both the super & worker claim the leak is fixed in 3D, tenant says they put new valve (and make appointments to fix light/plaster, paint all 3 units- did not keep appointment 1D)
  • September con’t:
    • 9-22-18: 2D had water pouring down again. See Post Here it continued to leak through Oct…
  • November 2018:
    • 11-12-18: Had access to all 3 apartments -arranged via HP Action/attorney (and tenant in 1B who provides access to all 3) & 1D letter.
      • Did not hire licensed plumber. (See post )
      • In the first video the property manager claims he is working on getting a licensed plumber.
      • In the second video the property manager falsely claims no access to upstairs, at the end the tenant asks what is going on with the plumbing.
  • December 2018: 12-7-18: Access to all 3 apartments see videos. Hired same “plumber” company they are aware is not registered with DOS. They allegedly fixed -this- leak (see posts). They broke open walls, ceilings and did major plumbing without permit. Note: More access was necessary to finish/replaster/paint leak stains again, 1D & 2D (several times)
12/7/2018, EMCO Plumbing 3D Performing Major Plumbing Work