Harassment by Violations

This is a chronological list of some of events/the building issues and enforcement agency actions, summons and/or violations for hazardous conditions from when our landlords purchased the building 2015 through 2019. This is not a complete list of all or harassment.

Please first note this last year, conditions in the building and some individual apartments warranted HPD Violations to go up throughout the year. In January 7, 2018 there were 36 violations, 13 class “b”, 20 class “c”, in December 2018 there were 115 violations, 89 class “b”, 20 class “c” and a class “I” for underlying conditions.

Also note that in 2018, the building garnered at least 2 stop work orders, and at least 11 violations for extremely hazardous conditions from DOB.

10/2015 – Coltown buys building (4 different Property Managers so far)
Fails to provide tenant lease DU410036RV

11/2015 thru 2/2018 – fires super/janitor – no janitor, filthy building, bugs, Took away/no garbage/recycling bins -many HPD & Dept Sanitation violations. LL aware via  letters,  texts, meeting, served summons, violations, took passerby setting garbage on fire and community  board to get him to put 3 cans outside. None inside -as were here prior to these owners.

2016 – Took rent control tenant in 2A to court to evict frivolous suit LT-250197-16/HA (in court claimed he was never their super. Truth is he is a rent control tenant and they had fired him on purchase of the buildings – but had continue to register the apartment with DHCR as employee occupied. –(due to violations he was hired in 2018!)
Tenants in 4A forced out due to high rent increase.

10/22-26/2016 – Tenants received red herring condo offering plan (contains blatant false sworn statements/admitted false engineer report, ie. No SCRIE credits, when there are, etc) Martin Act.

Tenant Harassment Worsened, Dangerous Construction Harassment, heat went off, etc. Many letters/petitions sent to landlord. Complaints made due to no response. These are enforcement agency issues…

3/2017 – LL obtain permit for work in 4a & warehoused 5a, falsely claimed building  not occupied/stabilized on original application so tenant protections would not be in place.

5/2017 – Tenants in 1C forced to leave due to high rent increase (over  $1900. had leak)

11/2017-16 tenants DHCR buildingwide complaint. LL served 12/2017
Docket #: FX430001B

10/2017 – letters/petitions sent to landlord
12/16/2017 – Sanitation Summons 0197358545 insufficient bins

12/20/2017 – meeting with LL, go over complaints, makes many promises,  asks us not to mail heat hot water complaint, not to call 311, he will provide heat, garbage bins. Tells me I can not stop him I can only cost him money, Offers me to be liaison if I stop opposition to the plan, offers me to make a deal on apartment, calls me obnoxious for making complaints.

2017 – 2018 – no heat and hot water many days

Jan 2018 – LL Admitted to 11 days (of more) with no heat / hot water
After LL feigned concern, bill on door claimed ordered too few gallons,
LL claimed water in tank; asked us not to call 311, promised reimbursement (never received)

Jan 2018 – garbage piled up by angry neighbors then lit on fire.

Jan 2018 – Start month DHCR Finding building-wide lack of essential services Docket #: FX430001B

Jan 2018 – contacted Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force and Tenant Protection Unit via email

Jan/Feb 2018 – finally provided 3 bins 2 garbage & 1 recycling outside only

3/14/18 – DOB Tenant Harassment Summons 35306278Y 
Failure to Maintain Building in Code Complaint manner

3/14/18 – DOB Summons # 35306277M performed unlicensed [dangerous] electrical work  

3/15/18- category 5H Illegal Activity Tenant Harassment 
DOB ECB  Summons 35306276K for (1 out of many false permit statements now corrected) 
Filed a False Statement On Pw1 Application #122963935. Pw1 Is Check Marked “No” For Occupied And Rent Stabilized. There Are Multiple Units Occupied At Time Of Inspection  Which Are Rent Stabilized. 03/14/18.”

3/15/18 – Category 5H Illegal Activity – Tenant Harassment DOB Issued  Stop Work Order/then changed to Partial SWO ECB violations: 35306277M  35306278Y “Performed Unlicensed Electrical Work On 2nd Floor. Installed Bx Cables,  Outlets At Kitchen.  Held No Electrical License. SWO. Failure To Maintain Building In Code Compliant Manner  Defective Bathroom Water Controls, Fixtures. 03/14/18.”
Did not obtain permit to correct until May (2D)

3/28/18 – Full Stop Work Order Served ECB # 35306282RUnlawfully Continue Work While On Notice Of a Stop Work Order”Not rescinded until permits obtained 5/2018 & 7/2018

3/2018 – 4 tenants file DHCR Overcharge complaints

4/2018 – original: DHCR docket: DT410-240S  non-compliance docket:
GP 410021 NC opened 5-2

4/2018 – Falsely certify to DHCR work done to correct individual apartment  conditions request to restore rent GP 4100 38 OR   (all found false/non complied 8/2018 and order 10/18) original: DT410-240S

5/2018 – 37 violations in HPD record, 14 class “c”

5/7/18 – ECB violations served 35306358Y failure to post permits

5/30/18 – Tenants in 5D vacate, felt harassed. overcharged.

6/6/18 – category H Illegal Activity DOB ECB Summons Violation # 35306653R (gutting  apt./endangering lives) Fire Stopping Missing In Apartment 1c, In An Occupied Building, At Time Of Inspection. 6/4/18 hearing result -found in violation

6/16/18 – Blocked egress and debris falling working on steps (2 tenant complaints to DOB)

5/31/18 – DHCR building-wide docket inspection & landlord/sponsor engineer visit to building/admission of false report, building needs “gut rehab”

6/2018 – DOB audits, revokes permits citing DOB Deputy Commissioner objections/hazardous work  put “building and lives in “imminent peril”

7/9/2018 – Force tenants begin HP action/Harassment

7/2018 – court inspection: receive 40+ new HPD violations total now 82 w 18 class “c”

7/2018 – Court stip/orders repairs 3 days access

8/18-9/18 – Tenants subjected to 3 weeks of access/construction harassment/left without toilets, no room to sleep, toxic dust  gut occupied apartments, abuse access, leave tenants with open electrical wires, leaks, no toilets and no egress for days.

8/24/18 –DHCR inspection finds non compliance individual apartment,  conditions in apartment still exist (unlevel floors, unsafe door, bathroom water leak (on record/falsely certified corrected for years) DT410-240S/GP 410021 NC

8/24/18 – Building-wide Rent Reduction granted/ordered by DHCR Docket # FX430001B lack of and reduced services, effective September 1, retroactive reduction to January

8/2018- Continue gutting /demo / unsafe work /blocking egress/creating toxic dust /opened up support wall and floor

8/28/18 – Stop Work Order Issued

8/30/18 – DOB issues Stop Work order partial for 1C gutted to open subfloor, beams, working with revoked permits – see photo of it posted with date

9/5/18 – And yet another Partial Stop Work Order ECB summons #35344400X Work Does Not Conform. At Time Of Inspection In Apt. 1c Observed Exposed Floor Joist In Living Room Contrary To Work Details In Job#123139772note that permits were still revoked at time this served. 

8/2018 – Dept Health violation for pigeon roost/excessive droppings in “courtyard”/alley

8/2018 – Submit to court falsely certified correction of HPD lead paint violations 7098801, 7098803, 7312932, 7312933 falsely sworn by manager who wasn’t even employed by owner at time claiming he witnessed it and falsely claiming a 4th room was tested when apartments are only 2 rooms.

9/7/2018 – Partial Stop Work Order Dob Violation # 090618c1001jb Was Written And Served Boro Commissioners Office Has Ordered All Work Under Application # 123139772 Stopped Due To The Outstanding Objection Sheet Dated 6/22/18 Also Partial Stop Work Order Issued. Rescinded 11/2018

9/2018 – contact Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force again via email. Submit DHCR Harassment complaint many tenants signed petition, 7 filled out forms

9/12/2018 – HPD building-wide inspection more HPD violations instead of less 92 /class c – 12

9/26/18 – HPD violations now 101 /class c -7 
10/4/2018 – replace door and saddle 1C (takes one hour) makes access appointment w tenants

10/5/18 – now 102 HPD violations /class c -7 – HPD puts building on Underlying Condition list class I (1 of only 50 buildings)

10/15/18 – AG RE Finance Bureau comes to building with sponsor AAG  witnesses conditions (see video)

10/24/18 –Dept Heath found non-compliance w/removal pigeon roost/excessive droppings  #3396

8-10/2018 – continue /never stopped harassment, gutting – including occupied apartments, leaving tenants without toilets, blocking egress, creating toxic  dust, endangering lives and safety.

11/2018 – working on roof/side of building, no warning men in windows,  dropped cement from above to cover pigeon droppings, ruined air conditions, plants, windows.

Put cameras on every floor of building, none outside or in vestibule

11/8/18 – caught taking photos in tenants window. (harassment report filed)

Caught going in and removing mail from tenants mailboxes (report filed)

11/12/18 – sent plumbing company EMCO, not registered to do business in  NYS, workers did not know license number. Began work on door 1D, left tenant with no door most of day.

Installed security cameras by mailbox, outside, changed camera in common area and made buzzer very loud to activate it. Camera has audio tenants protest it is against the law where we expect privacy

11/15/18 – electrical work without permit ECB Violation #35359734H “Wwp for the entire building hallways : Replacing existing lighting fixtures, and used electrical materials for security installation (emt ). Obtain a permit .  M 0008161. Does not covered the above electrical work “

11/15/18 – Submit answer to DHCR regarding harassment complaint

11/20/18 – HP Action case, offer black tenant a BBQ party, other tenant lunch. Court ordered special inspection, owner, property manager, contractor Adrianna come with HPD and are told what to fix. JR prohibited from coming  to building (he did anyway)

11/27/18 – LL Certify corrections of some violations (not actually cured) 

HPD removes violations now 52, class c -5

Put up sign inside building that we agree to be audio taped and video taped by entering. (some tenants stayed in, could not even get mail, never left, to avoid agreeing by default)

12/5/18 – Tenant Harassment Protection Task Force inspects building, inspectors from FDNY, DOB, HPD, DHCR go through building and accessed whoever apartments they could.

FDNY Summons left on door

DOB Category 5H Illegal Activity- Tenant Harassment

ECB Violations served”  35364466R  35364467Z  35364468K  35364470J  12/05/2018 Gained Access To a 5 Story Building, At Time Of Inspection Observed: Missing Bricks In Exterior Wall At Exo 4 Basement Level, No Safe Construction Bill Of Rights And No Tenant Protection Plan For Job # 123567746, Posted Or Distribute. Broken Fire Rated Material Around The Pipes Going Into The Boiler Room Wall.

DOB Category 1V – Tenant Harassment electrical 
ECB violations: 35359179H  35359180P  35359181R  35359182Z  35359183K Side walk shed not grounded, lighting raceway in sidewalk not continuous, defective light switch in apartment 3d, boiler disconnect switch not secured, defective service ground clamp at water main (summons also for electrical 5b)

Category 1w-plumbing tenant harassment 
ECB violations: 35352364h “I observed on 4th floor area in apartment 4d newly-installed 3-piece bathroom (tub, lavatory and toilet), new kitchen sink.. All the new plumbing work and installation was done without a permit.”

12/2018 continue to work on 4D, gut renovation entire apartment, steel  reinforcing without permit.

12/7/18 – sent Adrianna to again inspect/photo all apartments (she was here with court inspector) Emco Plumbing  Co back to building (still not registered company) claimed they were Big LLC but signed Emco. Fixed one leak going through kitchen/bath wall 3d, 2d. Left 2D with open ceiling. Admits did not fix leak above tub 1d said coming back Monday. (did not but tenants waited) window guys came to fix tenants windows (many had windows they could not open).

12/9/18- HPD Violations back up 89 violations 20 Class C

12/10/18 – work going on in apartments not scheduled, radiator guy came to fix class c told to fix Nov 20. HPD Violations now 114 Class C – 25

12/11/16 – JW in building, informed him leak from 2D to 1D not fixed. comes in apartment 1d 

Insists has Mold guy appointment but d idn’t know name of company or time. Forced tenants to give access.

time. Forced tenants to give access. 

12/12/18 – remove sign re: audio taping but camera not changed, still  capturing audio.

12/12/18 – mold company here, did work where leaks not fixed, painted over mold, didn’t finish. Other workers came, radiator guy, etc. JW claimed he  had engineer in building but the guy said he worked for architect company didn’t know the name of company, took pictures even when tenant said no.

12/12/18- JW acknowledges water is scorching (long standing violations, and was aware since court inspections) clams it will be fixed that day. Paint under steps (do not plaster or fix cracks)

12/13/18 – HPD Violations now 115 Class C – 23

12/15/18 – falsely certify correction of some HPD violations

12/17/18 – scorching water being fixed, no water that day (no warning until after it was off/I sent JW text). Now we have no water pressure.

Dec – Jan: days with No heat, no hot water, oil paint in basement sickened tenants

12/30/18- working on 4D on Sunday woke to loud crash, glass broke on fire  escapes and fire escape ladder fell in backyard Text message to JW, ladder still on ground

1/2/19-Sickened tenants with oil paint in basement, no ventilation.

HPD violations went up through the HP Action (7-10-19 to present)

HPD:  Date#violations #CLASS B#CLASS CClass I-Underlying
10-5-18102707Class I 
11-27-1852385Class I
12-9-18865620Class I
12-10-181147625Class I
12-13-181157923Class I
1-3-20191057120Class I

1/3/18 – HPD Violation now 105 – Class C – 20 building still in underlying 
conditions program

1/6/18 – Rat in 1D!

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