Harassment Cost to the City

Harassment doesn’t only cost tenants, but it costs the city. Tenants here call landlord or property manager first and do not call 311 for every issue (in fact made no complaints to HPD since October 2018). Each time tenants complain it requires time of a 311 operator and an inspector comes out. Unfortunately, many times the inspection takes place too late to witness it, or they don’t see it (see HPD / DOB posts). Each violation written requires paperwork and mailings to landlord and sometimes to tenant. Some DOB/ECB summons require hearings. At times, when the landlord certifies correction of violations an inspector also comes out to the property. Here, many violations are repeated.

check back soon more photos of sheets coming soon.
This is just an example page to show some – not all- times HPD inspectors came to investigate tenant complaints…these are double sided sign in sheets. They have been changed countless times since 2016..