Lack of Services

Despite what their mortgage states, these owners came in with a business plan – condo conver$ion. That plan doesn’t include rent stabilized tenants.

Almost immediately the harassment began, no super, no janitor, no garbage bins, rats, no heat, hot water or scalding water, filthy building, low lighting, broken door and intercom, no or shoddy repeated repairs,  overcharges, etc.!

After a year of reduced or no services, no response from the landlord, and in possession of a Red Herring Condominium Plan, tenants got together and formed a Tenant Association.

Garbage: Click on the garbage category to see just a few events…
We had a recycling area in the building until the new owners removed the super and the garbage/recycling bins. It took many complaints over an extended period of time to get us just 3 bins outside, 2 garbage cans, 1 recycling.

Heat/Hot Water: Many days and nights, weekends without heat and/or hot water. I met with the landlord on December 20, 2017 and informed him I had all tenants signatures on a DHCR heat/hot water complaint. He promised the situation would get better if I didn’t mail it in. He also asked us to contact him rather than call 311. While he feigned concern and promised to reimburse tenants for days without — the situation¬† became worse. The attorney advise we mail it. Read it and see exhibits here

Super/Janitor: They fired the super/janitor on purchase of the building October 2015. They did not hire him until Jan/Feb 2018.
more coming soon

Intercom – not working, not all tenants included