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These landlords now switch property managers /registrants often enabling them to go under the radar. We have had four property managers since October 2015. One of them, “Scott” still managed to make the worst landlord list in 2017. Click here to read it:. BERMAN YECHESKEL worst landlord 2017

Their reviews on HowToRentin say a lot about conditions in several of their buildings, and how they treat tenants!

Landlord had a very long list of violations then –( and now)

Groups like Stabilizing NY and local politicians called out Coltown as one of the worst landlords.

Many remember the group of small businesses in Washington Heights pushed out by these landlords.

In a 2009 Supreme NYC court case, Index No: 109070/09 one of the landlords was accused of a long pattern of pushing Rent Stabilized tenants out.

In 2017, an owner “regrets” the tenant stayed. Click here to read more of this case copyright NY Law Journal

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