What’s Construction Harassment?

New York State investigates Kushner over construction harassment allegations

Obviously, readers never lived it and the Real Deal has belittled it. We’re living it in a Coltown building (infamous in their own right, had been partners with Kushner on at least 17 Harlem properties) Noise: electric saws, pounding, taking down walls, up floors, fine, but they do it after hours, all night, on weekends. NO tenant protection, not a piece of plastic over a door, or even a warning – they saw in hallways and in occupied apartments. Sawdust and sparks so dangerous it sets off smoke detectors. They gut apartments -even while occupied, demo to subfloor/walls of 118_+ year old building lets up unbelievable amount of toxic dust that is heavy. Tenants go days without toilets, appliances, access/use of their apartments. They leave empty apartments gutted with gas lines and electric exposed, no fire stopping. They block easement with construction materials. NO warning when they are going to trap tenants inside/remove steps, nor if they work on pipes, just no water or heat for days… While “working” they help themselves to tenant towels, bowls, whatever they need, The mess is left behind. They use workers who are not licensed, many immigrants who should also be protected from construction hazards but are not. All of this dangerous shoddy work is constantly repeated in occupied apartments. After having tenants move all belongings and be available for weeks of access, they only conceal problems temporarily and often create a new problem, so tenants have to move all belongings and provide access and disregard their safety again and again – and again…Tenants who can afford to to leave, do… What predatory landlords do is far from normal construction as they will have you believe, it is construction harassment.
This type of construction doesn’t just effect tenants, many of these landlords convert properties then sell people apartments that have many underlying conditions…